PNT Singing Idol: Grand Finals 2009



Hello worldwide viewers!  On Saturday September 5, the PNT Singing Idol Grand Finals took place in Glad Tidings Church in Fraser St., Vancouver, BC.  Even though it was raining outside & the lines went on forever, it was no stopping Filipinos from watching one of the most popular hobbies of all time. These are the finalists for each category:

Kids Category: Ethel Amistad, Christina Silva, Kathleen Zaragoza, Yanalyn Valdez, Katrina del Rosario, Alyssa Gutierrez :), Nicole Lontayao & Irene Lumayag.

Teens Category: Vanessa Hillman, Simple May Natura, Jason Pinto, Amber Bayani, Camille Reyes, Eliross Sabas & Denise Raymundo.

Adult Category: Emee Escaro, Ruby Ann Plata, Wel Medina, Jenny Cleofe, Membo Siago, Susan Santa Catalina, Iris del Castillo & Winni Betsayda.

The contest went on for about 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm. There were two emcees: Miss Joisa Alpuerto & Jessica Zraly(PNT Grand Champion 2008- Teens). There were four production numbers; Dito Lang Sa PNT(a remake of Huwag Ka Lang Magpapaboogie), Bonga Ka Day, We Are the World & Nobody But You. When it was the actual singing competition, the adults went first, then the teens & finally the kids. I sang my winning song from the June monthly contest: The Climb.  All I prayed about when I was about to go on was to not make any mistakes (one mistake & yuor not going to go to any of the three places; 3rd, 2nd or 1st) since it was going to be on camera & people will never forget if you spilled a wrong note. Anyway when it was awarding time, people started holding hands. I was so nervous, I needed to go to the bathroom badly. For the adults Mrs. Susan Sta. Catalina placed 2nd runner up (3rd place), Mr. Membo Siago won 1st runner up & Miss Emee Escaro is titled PNT Idol Adult Grand Champion. For teens category, Amber Bayani took home 3rd, Vanessa Hillman 2nd & Simple May Natura- Grand Champion. She swelled up from tears of joy. And lastly, the most difficult part of the awarding ceremony; awarding the kids. I thought about the three people who’s going to take home prizes: Irene, Nicole & Ethel. When they called Nicole for the 3rd place winner, I knew the 2nd place was going to Irene but to my surprise Ethel Amistad placed 2nd. From that I knew Irene was going to win. Who did you think won?                                                                                                                     ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was Awardedas Granfd Prize Winner PNT Singing Idol 2009

I never expected myself to win. When I was called, I couldn’t help my emotions so I bawled like a baby in camera…. with my mascara running off through my face. Mr. Alan Yong, one of the judges & the president of Times Telecom said he gave me 100% when my percentage was actually 93.7%. And that’s not all! Michael Hektoen, Elise Estrada’s producer wants me to sign a recording contract because he saw me at Gawad Kalinga (see previous issue for more details) & would like me to record with Elise Estrada herself. I couldn’t stop myself from crying! My prizes were a trophy, one airfare ticket to Los Angeles & two entrance tickets to DisneyLand & $1000!!!  Although I have won PNT Idol, there are still more contests to join. Keep reading THE BUZZ for my rise to fame journey! : )

Alyssa with President of RockStar Music Corp Michael Hektoen

Alyssa with President of RockStar Music Corp Michael Hektoen

Here’s my rendition of The Climb at the Grandfinals…hope you like it.
Awarding Ceremony

PNT Idol Kids & Teen Finalists perform "Nobody But You" before the awarding ceremony.

PNT Idol Kids & Teen Finalists perform “Nobody But You”.

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